We have program opportunities for business owners as well as for marketplace business leaders. Here are a few things that we offer:


We are expanding our resources to include an extensive library of world-class business material, all carefully selected to foster personal, professional, and spiritual growth. We also have a proprietary, biblically-based curriculum written, a few lessons of which we are making available for FREE and for discounted purchase (only $5).

Access Those Lessons Here


Many Christian business owners and leaders feel isolated in business. At times, they feel they are constantly looked at as sales targets. They need a safe, confidential environment to build authentic peer relationships by sharing personal, professional, and spiritual challenges. Kingdom Business Leaders Business Owner groups provide a place for men and women to grow in their walk with God and integrate faith into every area of their lives. They are also able to receive candid feedback and work through situational issues in order to make informed decisions. The custom-designed curriculum and discussion questions provide opportunities for members to shape or develop business policies and best practices that are consistent with Biblical principles.

Why join a Kingdom Business Leaders Group?

Kingdom Business Leader groups are made up of 8-12 people meeting on a regular basis with a trained facilitator. These groups provide an opportunity to connect with other business leaders who have comparable business and leadership experience. Group meetings are designed to provide assistance, discussion, and Biblical counsel as well as resources to challenge, inspire, support, and equip leaders in all areas of life and business.


Events are large gatherings designed to equip attendees with applicable skills and business knowledge while connecting them with like-minded business leaders.


We offer training and workshops on relevant business, personal, and spiritual topics. Training is specifically designed so that business leaders can work directly on their businesses.


Senior Pastor Robert Morris founded Gateway Church on Easter Sunday 2000 with a vision to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving. Since that small beginning, Gateway Church has grown to over 30,000-weekend attendees at nine campuses. Through the years, Pastor Robert’s heart for people has not changed. Part of that original vision was to minister to business leaders.

In 2013 the elders asked Steve Dulin, a founding elder of Gateway, to build a ministry focused exclusively on serving business leaders. Steve is an accomplished business owner who built a thriving construction business based on Biblical principles. He built a successful team and company culture of excellence that focused on results, developed the personnel, and added significant value and impact on customers. Throughout his 28 year career, he consulted with hundreds of business owners and leaders. After much prayer, Steve became the Executive Director of Gateway Business Leaders (now known as Kingdom Business Leaders). 

Today Kingdom Business Leaders offers events, business groups, training programs, and resources that help business leaders strengthen their relationships with God while building strong families and businesses.


Vision Statement: Building God’s Kingdom by accelerating the success and influence of business leaders.

Our vision is to see every business leader fulfilling God’s highest calling on their life and impacting the business world for the kingdom of God by following Biblical principles for success in their life. We accomplish this by raising up Godly men and women who will provide a high level of wisdom, strategic advice, and support to disciple the next generation of business leaders. 


Mission Statement: Training Christian business owners and leaders to effectively apply Biblical principles and best practices so that they grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and fulfill God’s unique calling on their lives and in the marketplace.

To fulfill our mission, we offer events, training programs, groups, and resources to equip our business leaders to have strong relationships with God and build healthy families and businesses. Our community of business leaders meet and connect with like-minded people to receive encouragement and support on their personal and professional journeys.

We empower business leaders to integrate into the church and use their unique talents to minister to others and build the Kingdom of God. Through the timeless truth of the Bible, men and women will be empowered to achieve their God-given destinies.