Who can be a part of Kingdom Business Leaders?

Our heart is to serve every businessperson at Gateway. At the present time, to best steward our resources, candidates for the Kingdom Business Leaders program fall into two main categories with different opportunities for each:

Business Owners: A business owner is defined as someone who owns a majority interest in the business they lead.

Corporate Leaders: Corporate Leaders are defined as Presidents, C-Level Executives of private and public corporations that have more than 100 employees, and Vice Presidents that oversee at least 50 employees.

Our program is not intended at this time for non-profit leaders, first-time start-up entrepreneurs, direct sales agents, network marketers, manufacturing sales representatives, and realtors working for franchise real estate organizations.

Please note, Kingdom Business Leaders is NOT A NETWORKING ORGANIZATION. We understand business opportunities might occur organically but we prohibit overt networking and solicitation. Our desire is to provide a safe place for business leaders to connect, learn, gain insights from others, and receive training from subject matter experts.

We are excited about the prospect of coming alongside you in this journey! If you are an eligible candidate, we invite you to apply.


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