Kingdom Business Leaders Program Semester 1 Lesson Summaries

It All Starts with Vision

Author: Steve Dulin

Summary:  We believe every Christian organization needs a clear vision that comes from God. This vision should ultimately be written and made plain so that everyone who reads it can “run” with it.

The Ultimate Consumer Experience: Parts 1 & 2

Authors:  Eric Beck and Steve Dulin

Summary: It seems like common sense, but if a customer does not have a good experience with your company, they will find another company to meet their needs.  If you want to keep customers, do you know what they need to experience so that you will keep them?  The Ultimate Customer Experience (UCE) occurs when a customer is served in such a way that his or her needs are met in an intentional, professional, and excellent way that exceeds their expectations.  Every organization needs a clear and actionable story of the ultimate customer experience that everyone in the organization can buy into.  The activities of the organization should ultimately be focused on making this story come true every day for every customer, both internal and external.

Understanding You

Authors: Guy Hatcher and Steve Dulin

Summary:  We believe that to be successful in business and life, you need to understand both yourself and others.  Profiling tools have improved significantly over the years and can give you great insights into who you are to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and also help you understand how to relate to others.

The Building Blocks of Sales

Author: Richard Reising

Summary: To be successful at sales, we need to understand who we are really selling to, what they need and what would be valuable to them.  We also need to understand that sometimes many people are involved in the sales process, each with their own needs and values. To provide a valuable solution, we have to know what we are selling, our unique value proposition and how to communicate our solution.

Key Performance Indicators

Authors: Eric Beck and Steve Dulin

Summary: This lesson is designed to help you understand best practices for establishing and measuring aspects of the operation of your business so that wise decisions can be made.

What Drives You

Authors: Guy Hatcher and Steve Dulin

Summary: Every Leader needs to understand the struggles they face with identity issues. Identity issues begin early in life and, if not addressed and dealt with, they can become the roadblock to being the leader God created you to be. “What Drives You?” is designed to give you the foundational tools to step into your God-designed purpose and assume your God-ordained place of leadership.

Five Ways to Prosper Business

Author: Steve Dulin

Summary: Owning a business is no guarantee of success. We have included in this lesson five Biblical principles to help you prosper in your business.

How to Go On a Sabbatical

Author: Steve Dulin

Summary: We want to introduce or reinforce the concept of going on a sabbatical with God. The idea of sabbatical is a major concept in the Old Testament and Jesus often went on sabbaticals to spend time with God. If Jesus needed to do this, so do we!

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